Hardware Configuration

Viper Parmenides at Night

the VIPER Parmenides II Prototype showing its screen and camera image at night (Neural Compute Stick not pictured

The VIPER Parmenides II Prototype:

  • the Raspberry Pi 4+ single board computer with 8 GB of onboard memory.

  • a full board aluminum heatsink

  • a 256 MB Micro SD Card with read/write speeds optimized for running applications

  • RPI USPS Pack Standard V3P Power Supply Unit (PSU)

  • 3.7V 4000mAh Lithium Ion Battery

  • Dorhea Automatic IR-Cut sensor Day/Night Vision 5MP ajustable focus camera module

  • MakerFocus TFmini-s Micro 1000HZ 12m LiDAR Sensor

  • OSOYOO 3.5 inch DSI LCD Touchscreen Display

  • Intel Neural Compute Stick 2 Vision Processing Unit (VPU)

Viper Parmenides Infared

the Viper Parmenides II Prototype Infared Diodes at night

Previous Builds:

VIPER Parmenides I Prototype:

  • Raspberry Pi 3+ single board computer with 2GB onboard Memory

  • Aluminum Heatsink

  • 56 MB Micro SD Card

  • Inland noIR Camera

  • MakerFocus TFmini-s Micro 1000HZ 12m LiDAR Sensor

  • ROHS 3.5 Inch Serial Touchscreen Display